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Veza's Next-Gen IGA solution unlocks the truth of access permissions, powering security and governance initiatives.

Veza secures access to your data everywhere

Access Review Automation

Enforce least privilege and compliance with periodic access reviews and certifications based on the granular, effective permissions of identities.

  • Automatically compile review and certification campaigns covering your cloud environments, on-premise systems, and SaaS apps.
  • Delegate decision making to employee managers or data owners.
  • Integrate with SOAR and ITSM systems like ServiceNow and Jira to implement access review decisions consistently and fast.
  • Demonstrate compliance with SOX, ISO 27001, GDPR and other frameworks.
  • Complete your governance and compliance obligations 7x faster than with manual reviews.

Cloud Access Management

Untangle the complex web of cloud IAM to know exactly who can do what across AWS, Google, Azure, and Oracle cloud environments.

  • Find and fix cloud IAM misconfigurations that enable privilege escalation and lateral movement.
  • Root out inactive IAM users, dormant service accounts and ungoverned local users.
  • Fix your top cloud access risks before they can be exploited by an attacker.
  • Identify your high blast radius users: identities with broad access to cloud resources and represent the greatest risk if compromised.

Unstructured Data Access

Understand and control access to unstructured data, in your data lakes, ML datasets, shared drives, and cloud storage.

  • Integrate with data tagging and classification tools to build sophisticated access queries. For example, can identities outside the finance team access any resources containing PCI data?
  • Continuously monitor for new access to sensitive data in storage buckets, fileshare systems, and data warehouses.
  • Assess blast radius by finding users with unnecessary or broad access to Sharepoint sites, data lakes, and shared drives.

SaaS Access Security

Understand what actions users can take on sensitive data in apps like Salesforce, Box, GitHub, Zendesk, Netsuite, Coupa, and many more.

  • Protect the integrity of your source code. Identify external users and contractors who can make production changes to key GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket repositories.
  • Find and fix orphaned or dormant accounts that can be exploited by attackers.
  • Enforce MFA enrollment across all of your apps.
  • Find users with excessive permissions in apps like Salesforce and Netsuite.
  • Slash your SaaS bill by removing unused licenses.

Privileged Access Monitoring

Continuously monitor authorization to your data crown jewels in any on-premise or cloud environment.

  • Identify and reverse privilege drift.
  • Monitor for new privileged accounts, including local admins not governed via your IDP.
  • Always know when a new identity gains access to sensitive data.
  • Discover Separation of Duties violations and toxic privilege combinations.
Jenner Holden, CISO, Axon
Axon Logo
Axon’s mission is to Protect Life and Protect Truth by enabling public safety through technology. And that focus on safety certainly extends into the security of the entire Axon ecosystem. Using Veza, our security teams have gained valuable visibility across our systems - apps, infrastructure, and data, to better understand who can access what, helping drive stronger privileged access security practices.
Jenner Holden | CISO, Axon
Veza gives us instant visibility into who has access to what data across all our cloud systems, providing a level of platform-agnostic, multi-cloud privilege visibility I hadn't seen before. It's truly playing a key role in our ongoing migration to the cloud.
John Forrister | VP, Information Security, TGen
Nick Padron, Director of Information Security, Fairfield Residential
Veza deeply understands our environment and automatically provides recommendations on how to remediate over-permissioned accounts. I simply haven’t seen another product that does this.
Nick Padron | Director of Information Security, Fairfield Residential
Chris Harris, Platform Engineering Manager, Choice Hotels
Using Veza, It's been like a breath of fresh air for years. You try to get your head around how to manage permissions across all your environments. And now that we're in the cloud, it makes it even easier by using Veza.
Chris Harris | Platform Engineering Manager, Choice Hotels
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