Veza @ AWS Summit NYC

Chelsea Piers Golf Experience

Join Veza + AWS from 6:00PM - 9:00PM on Wednesday, July 26th for an amazing golf experience.

  • Hit unlimited golf balls over looking the Hudson River
  • Test your skills on the world’s top greens with golf simulators
  • Fuel up on hors d’oeuvres along with our host bar
  • Connect with the Veza crew and industry peers

AWS + Veza = Better Together

AWS and Veza help customers achieve Least Privilege in their modern cloud environment. Organizations that use AWS to run their business-critical applications and manage data warehousing and analytics can use Veza to modernize access governance with a unified platform from which security, identity, and GRC teams can understand and control all enterprise access.

Intuit uses Veza to perform user access reviews for AWS for ISO 27001, vision to standardized access reviews across multiple compliance regulations of SOC, SOX, etc.

Blackstone uses Veza to automate user access reviews for all critical apps and systems across Okta, Snowflake, AWS, on-premises, and custom applications to comply with SOX.

Zoom uses Veza for cloud IAM misconfiguration analysis and to validate machine identities and associated access to sensitive data on cloud resources (AWS S3, etc.). They leverage Veza for ITDR use cases, applying Zero Trust principles to Cloud IAM.

Veza, The Identity Security Platform for Enterprise Wide Access Governance

Start securing your AWS data with Veza today.