Veza for Google Cloud

Data security for Google Cloud. Modernize access reviews and certifications. Streamline privileged access management. Manage cloud entitlements. Implement data lake security and governance.

Identity-first and relationship-based data security for Google Cloud customers managing identities and systems in multi-cloud environments

Understand, manage, and control access controls for Google Cloud services such as Compute, BigQuery, Storage Buckets, Key Management, and more. Veza's data security platform makes it easy to understand who can and should take what action on sensitive data residing in Google Cloud.

Why customers choose Veza for Google Cloud

Strong partnership

Veza is a certified Google Cloud partner.

Extensive integrations with Google Cloud services

Veza integrates with a full range Google Cloud services - Compute, BigQuery, Cloud Storage Bucket, Key Management, Looker, VPC. Manage permissions across Google Cloud Services for identities in Okta, Azure AD, and Google IAM, via Google Cloud IAM roles, and policies.

Enterprise-ready identity-first data security capabilities

Modernization of data security processes associated with managing access reviews, access certifications, cloud entitlements, privileged access, and data lake governance for security teams across audit/compliance, privacy and security engineering.

Bluecore gets complete visibility across its Google Cloud data stores with Veza

Bluecore, New York City, NY
Ateeb Ahmad of Vox Media
Vox Media Logo
With Veza and Google Cloud working together, we’ve been able to seamlessly manage access controls over our data for our largest merger to date, and tightly scope identity-to-data permissions even as our footprint with Google Cloud and other technologies grows
Ateeb Ahmad | Senior Director, IT Infrastructure, Vox Media
Bluecore Logo
As a cloud-first organization, we needed one solution that could help us with visibility and automation across all of our cloud systems. With Veza, we enhance our cloud systems through automation of security operations use cases, alerting, and real-time visibility into who has access to what data.
Brent Lassi | CISO, Bluecore
Matt Dodge, Director of DevOps and IT, LoanSnap
Veza enables us to visualize and control the privileges of our employees and service accounts across multiple cloud service providers in a simplified, unified view. Bringing disparate authorization systems into a single tool is a game-changer from an audit and compliance perspective.
Matt Dodge | Director of DevOps and IT, LoanSnap
Jenner Holden, CISO, Axon
Axon Logo
Using Veza, our security teams have gained valuable visibility across our systems - apps, infrastructure, and data, to better understand who can access what, helping drive stronger privileged access security practices.
Jenner Holden | CISO, Axon
Veza + Google Cloud Policy Analyzer

Authorization-rich Access Reviews for Sensitive Data

  • Build queries to report on highly privileged access to data in Google Cloud
  • Uncover direct and indirect access through Service Account impersonations
  • View the history of access policies for easier auditing
Veza Google Cloud Product Screenshot 1

Out-of the-box integrations with Google Cloud services

Veza for Google Cloud showing data relationships

Veza + Google Cloud to answer key data access questions

As a a security engineer

As a security engineer, I want to understand which Okta users have access to create and delete Google Cloud Storage buckets or Google Cloud BigQuery tables.

As a data engineer

As a data engineer, I want to understand which Google Workspace users have access to modify sensitive data in Snowflake and AWS.

As a privacy/audit manager

I need to report on how Microsoft Azure Active Directory users are tied to specific Google Cloud IAM entities - including all roles, policies, and permissions for Google Cloud services.

Visualize and manage access permissions across Google Cloud services

Veza maps the relationships between human identities and service accounts through Google Cloud IAM groups/roles/policies to Google Cloud services, enabling security teams to assess, query, and manage excess access, privileged access, and granular entitlements.

Veza Google Cloud Product Screenshot 2

Build a strong data access governance program with access reviews, access certifications/re-certifications, and entitlement reviews

Veza enables data owners and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) teams to ensure that any account - human or service accounts, does not retain excessive access or permissions to data.

Easily understandable business language visualizes system-specific entitlements, allowing reviewers to approve, reject, and certify access to data stores in Google Cloud.

Veza Google Cloud Product Screenshot 4

Understand, manage and control data security across a multi-cloud ecosystem

Maintain least privilege, orchestrate incident response, reduce the risk of privilege abuse, and comply with regulatory standards.

Built-in authorization insights compare Google Cloud IAM policies/roles with corporate policies and regulatory requirements, auditing the environment to detect data access risks that can undermine compliance and governance. Veza Violations provide actionable information that comes with integrations to JIRA, ServiceNow, and others to meaningfully reduce security risks to Google Cloud data services.

Veza Google Cloud Product Screenshot 3

Data security for Google Cloud, powered by authorization.

Start securing your Google Cloud data with Veza today.