Empower governance, risk and compliance teams with workflows for data access and entitlement reviews

Every organization has a defined set of business processes to review, assess, and certify controlled access to resources. Today, coordination between teams is complex and relies on manual processes that go on for weeks or months. This approach is error-prone, time-consuming, and prevents a secure, repeatable practice for achieving access governance standards in a multi-cloud environment.

Veza gives you a comprehensive view of user access to all resources (data, apps, services). We aggregate authorization information from multiple silos and offer a single control plane from where your organization can automate the management and control of access governance, privileged access, and entitlement reviews.

Steven Guy, VP, Security Solutions, InComm Payments
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We needed to understand how users and service accounts have been entitled to specific data. Veza is the only tool I’ve seen that can show you both parts of the picture. One part is the people or accounts who are supposed to have access as part of a security group. And then there’s the flip side where you look at it from the data end and say, this is who also has access, and this is how that access was granted. It’s the clearest view I’ve ever seen for data access.
Steven Guy | VP, Security Solutions, InComm Payments
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Riaz Lakhani, VP, Information Security & Compliance, Barracuda Networks
The biggest challenge that we had was the amount of effort necessary to actually do access reviews, and the amount of time necessary to do investigations. We could always get the information, but it was laborious, and it wasn't really scalable. Veza brought a scalable solution to us, for a problem that we needed to solve on a regular basis.
Riaz Lakhani | VP, Information Security & Compliance
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Modernize user access reviews for data

Reduce operational costs of access reviews

Veza gives you a single-pane-of-glass from where your teams can create repeatable and actionable access reviews. Veza pulls metadata across the entire ecosystem of identity, cloud IAM, cloud services, apps, and data systems - and provides a rich authorization-centric review of who has access to what, reducing the potential for human error arising from cross-referencing multiple tools.

Streamline Access Governance: Certify Workflow: Data governance for AWS

Centralized access governance for GRC teams

Using a powerful workflow engine, GRC and data teams can create user-oriented access reviews or resource-oriented entitlement reviews, and assign them to appropriate managers or data owners. With Veza, federate access reviews across all teams - identity, security, data.

Enrich certification and re-certification processes

Define the scope of an audit, assign a reviewer, and utilize Veza to create a repeatable process to approve, reject, and certify authorization to data resources. Compare access reviews against a historical snapshot to visualize the diff between any two given timestamps.

Automate notifications via webhooks

Enable webhooks on access reviews to send notifications to ServiceNow, Teams, JIRA at any point during the certification lifecycle - access approval/rejection, re-certification, or change of ownership.

Graph-based approach to entitlement reviews

Veza provides you with context-aware, cross-platform entitlement reviews for granular data objects - tables, columns, libraries, drives, code repos, and more. Entitlements are presented in clear business language for easier decision-making across data and security teams.

Streamline Access Governance: Certify Workflow screen

Access reviews that go beyond traditional role-based or group-based reviews

Enable GRC teams to be able to drive confidence for audit and compliance teams. By focusing on authorization, Veza provides access reviews that extend beyond roles and provide a business-language understanding of complicated system-specific permissions.

Flexible entitlement parameters

Set flexible parameters as constraints that can be applied to workflows for entitlement reviews - specific to users, data sets, and other cloud resources. Additionally, access workflows can be scheduled to set reminders for reviewers.

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