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Transform your business by shifting data from ground to cloud, while still balancing security and trust

The second wave of enterprise cloud is here - data decentralization in the cloud. The rapid adoption of cloud-native data lakes, data warehouses, and cloud data storage is undeniable. But, keeping up with the pace of data created in the cloud is tough - especially when your teams need to securely share data across the organization, but don’t have the correct tools to do so.

To effectively utilize data to enable the best customer experiences and solve complex business problems, you need to extract data from silos across the organization and build a reliable data governance strategy. Veza empowers organizations to securely accelerate the adoption of cloud data by empowering you to understand and control the chain of authorization, from identity, to cloud IAM, to data - giving your business the confidence to utilize data as a strategic differentiator.


of companies cite data security as a top inhibitor to their cloud adoption

2021 HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy


average amount of time to identify a data breach in 2021

IBM 2021 Cost of Data Breach


of companies will be embracing multi-cloud or hybrid technologies and tools by 2022

McKinsey Top Trends in Tech

Confidently adopt cloud data systems with Veza

Integrate any enterprise identity, cloud IAM, apps and data systems most critical to your organization

Veza integrates with the key solutions you use day-to-day - across identity providers, cloud IAM, apps, and data systems, we have you covered. See a complete map of identity-to-data relationships in a matter of minutes, and as you deploy more enterprise resources, expand your Veza footprint in just a few clicks.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Custom apps can be integrated into Veza through our Open Authorization API, ensuring no data is left unchecked.

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Manage access to data for the proliferation of identities

The definition of “enterprise identity” has expanded well beyond just people - today, not only do you have different groups of people to manage access for (contractors, partners, contingent workers, etc), you also have non-human identities like service accounts, APIs and service principals. Veza enables you to manage access permissions for any enterprise identity and data source - down to granular data sets including tables/columns and cloud storage (AWS S3), providing an end-to-end authorization graph illuminating trust relationships across the organization.

Securely Accelerate diagram

Consolidate access governance, privileged access, and access control for data

Break down your data silos. Eliminate manual tasks associated with managing the security and access governance of data, and focus on standardizing your corporate policies for data usage and sharing. With Veza, you have a single control panel to correct and maintain a strong data governance framework to ensure consistency across the business.

Securely Accelerate showing permissions to IT and Service Principal, but not Marketing

We make our customers successful by giving them the confidence to adopt cloud data systems

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As a cloud-first organization, we needed one solution that could help us with visibility and automation across all of our cloud systems. With Veza, we enhance our cloud systems through automation of security operations use cases, alerting, and real-time visibility into who has access to what data.
Brent Lassi | CISO, Bluecore

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