SaaS Access Security & Governance

Veza is the fastest way to secure access to data in SaaS applications, reducing the risk of breaches and ensuring accurate audits for compliance.

Reduce the risk of breaches in SaaS apps

Entitlements visibility. Find and fix permissions that were accidentally broad, violate least privilege, or are no longer needed.

User access reviews. Automate user access reviews to certify and recertify entitlements across SaaS apps and custom applications.

Privilege monitoring. Identify admins with access to sensitive data in SaaS apps, over-permissioned service accounts, and guest users/overseas contractors who can update and delete data in SaaS apps.

Local users. Discover local users, and local accounts created outside the purview of identity systems (SSO, IGA), leading to failure in meeting compliance regulations.

Posture & misconfigurations. Remediate best practice violations such as accounts with no MFA enrollment and inactive 3rd party app integrations.

Demo: SaaS Access Governance

For All Your Identity & Security Teams

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Configure, setup, and automate user access reviews
  • Run recertification campaigns with manager and supervisor reviews

Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)

  • Collect comprehensive audit evidence quickly
  • Enforce policies for separation of duties (SoD)

Security Engineering & Security Operations

  • Assess risks with out-of-box dashboards, insights, and analytics for apps like Salesforce, GitHub, and Atlassian

  • Find and fix accounts with rules and policies on risky posture such as no MFA enrollment

  • Discover local users who are not in your identity system (SSO, IGA)

  • Get notifications in ITSM systems like ServiceNow or PagerDuty when privilege violations are detected.

  • Pinpoint and revoke permissions that are unused or dormant

  • Analyze historical access and blast radius for any compromised account

Leading enterprises trust Veza to manage SaaS Access Security

John Forrister, VP, Information Security, TGen
As TGen continues to adopt multi-cloud architectures and deploy various SaaS apps like Slack, Veza gives us instant visibility into access permissions, enabling us to define privileged access standards throughout the organization. Veza has provided a level of platform agnostic, multi-cloud privilege visibility I hadn't seen before, and is playing a key role in our ongoing onboarding of SaaS.
John Forrister, Vice President Information Security | TGen
Before Veza After Veza

Lack of visibility into app-specific permissions

Effective permissions explained in natural language (CRUD) for your SaaS apps

Expensive, time-consuming integrations to connect SaaS apps to IGA tool

Bring access governance quickly to new apps without agents, browser extensions, or infrastructure updates

Access reviews miss local users and privileged accounts, leading to audit challenges

Monitor continuously for new local admin accounts, local users, and other privileged roles

Laborious access reviews requiring many spreadsheets

Automated access reviews that are always current and comprehensive with rich context

“Security theater” approach to access reviews with rubber-stamp approvals

Access Reviews that are intelligent, highlighting changes since last review and monitoring actual activity

Access reviews limited to groups and roles, which are often mislabeled

Access Reviews that extend beyond groups and roles to the data-level for true effective permissions

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