Redefine Zero Trust Security through Data

Trust data access in the cloud by deeply understanding authorization across apps, data and cloud services

Effective Zero Trust lies in protecting what really matters - data. In today’s multi-cloud era, data is accessed from anywhere, at any time, by a variety of users and identities. This presents new risks for security teams - threats arising from ransomware, cloud IAM role/policy misconfigurations, privilege abuse, and privilege misuse are just the tip of the iceberg.

To balance trust and control over data access, there’s only one real source of truth - authorization for identity, apps, data, and cloud services. Protect critical data in the cloud by shifting your focus to understanding and managing who can and should take what action, on what data.


of organizations unknowingly give third parties broad access to cloud-residing data

Gartner Top 2022 Risks


misuse variety identified in breaches is privilege abuse

2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

$1.85million USD

Average approximate cost to organizations to rectify impacts of the most recent ransomware attack

Sophos State of Ransomware 2021

Veza for zero trust data security

Manage least privilege — stop ransomware with rightsized” access to data

Don’t allow ransomware to wreak havoc on your organization. Take a data-centric approach rooted in authorization to ransomware protection and mitigation by identifying and managing over-permissioned users and access for the “unmanaged” identity (service accounts). Data access governance and entitlement management in Veza allow you to limit access to critical data just for privileged accounts - enabling you to shrink your attack surface and stop ransomware in its tracks.

Demystify and Manage Cloud IAM Permissions to Data

Cloud IAM is the backbone of access to all cloud-native services - but the permission structures of cloud-native IAM solutions (AWS IAM, GCP IAM, Azure RBAC and more), are inherently complex. Difficulty in keeping up with this complexity, especially as your organization grows, leads to least privilege risk, data access risk, and ultimately, data breaches. With Veza, visualize and manage identity relationships from cloud IAM to data systems across your enterprise, and keep your most sensitive data out of the hands of threat actors.

Redefine Zero Trust diagram

Build authoritative identity-to-data access controls for hybrid cloud

Access to enterprise data, whether on-prem or in the cloud, should be based on one common identity. But access doesn’t stop at authentication. Authorization (RBAC, ACLs, ABAC, IAM, local users/roles) is the real source of truth in understanding how a user accesses systems across the enterprise. Veza enables your data and security teams to visualize and manage the full privileged access chain for any enterprise identity through a first-of-its-kind authorization graph.

Redefine Zero Trust Security Through Data - screen showing relationships between Users, Groups, Roles, Effective Permissions

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