Empower data owners to secure and govern modern data lake repositories — Snowflake, Redshift, GCP BigQuery, and more

To utilize data to the fullest, companies have rapidly adopted cloud data lakes, lakehouses, and warehouses - empowering businesses like yours to truly realize the value of your data. But, cloud data lakes permissions are inherently complex, and built-in RBAC models are unique per system. Unfortunately, this can develop into excessive access permissions and a potential path through which data can be abused and exploited, resulting in loss of customer trust.

Organizations must constantly manage data access with a context-aware data authorization framework, where users have least privilege access through clearly defined roles to data stores.

Leverage Veza to bring identity-centric access governance to your data lakes.

Ben Doyle, CIO, ATN International
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Before Veza, we had no way to connect identity and data. Veza reporting and analytics tools make it simple for us to visually walk through our identity and data environments and identify employee access down to individual tables. This saves us an enormous amount of time, and it helps us achieve the strongest compliance posture possible. From a cybersecurity standpoint, that’s very important to our business.
Ben Doyle | CIO, ATN International
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Data is any organization's most important asset - the amount of data created in today's cloud-first world and the need to secure that data is undeniable. From our experience, Veza is a platform that enables and provides the services we need to secure our digital assets.
Mike Sherwood | Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas

Veza for data lake security and governance

Visualize and manage identities and their access to data lakes

Data lake platforms like Snowflake and AWS Redshift are mainstream, and identity has gone beyond humans through service accounts and principals. With these mega changes to the data landspace, organizations need to implement strong data lake governance standards.

Visualize and Manage Identities AWS Redshift and Snowflake

Discover all enterprise identities with access to your data lakes/warehouses

Decode the complex layers of access controls from identity providers to Snowflake, AWS Redshift, GCP BigQuery, and more through effective permissions delivered via CRUD.

Understand local users, local roles, and privileges for Snowflake Access Control

Veza resolves challenges related to Snowflake’s role inheritance model and its hierarchical securable objects framework.

Actionable insights into least privilege risk

Veza offers out-of-box assessments, violations, and insights that enable security and data teams to manage risks associated with insider threats and privileged access.

Veza Query Builder Snowflake and Okta

Leverage out-of-box assessments

Understand the scope of privileged access, discover excess permissions, and identify inactive and disabled accounts and other violations in your data access controls.

Leverage Recipes for remediation

Empower your teams with prescriptive remediation instructions based on solution-specific best practices (i.e. AWS) to fix data access policy violations.

Operationalize insights and key findings

Send events and notifications to your critical enterprise apps - Slack, JIRA, ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Modernize access governance and entitlement reviews for Snowflake and other data lakes

Build a data lake governance program that builds customer trust and makes compliance count.

Access Governance and Entitlement Reviews: Certify Workflow AWS Review screen and Access Review Workflow

Perform periodic user-access reviews and certifications

Identify accounts that have access to sensitive databases or tables and certify access through automated workflows.

Implement entitlement reviews

Orchestrate reviews for Snowflake and other data lakes to meet privacy, governance, and security assurance standards.

Leverage webhooks

Send notifications to enterprise applications throughout the user access review lifecycle (approval/rejection) - for example, create a ticket in ServiceNow to further review a rejected resource assignment.

Ready to implement data lake security for Snowflake, AWS Redshift, and more?

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