A Complete View of User Access to Data in Snowflake

User access reviews in Snowflake are easy with Veza

Veza goes beyond role-based access control to show you who has access to what data across all your applications and systems. Using Veza’s authorization graph gives you a complete picture of identity-to-data relationships—making it easy to visualize, understand and manage access.

With Veza you can detect, monitor, and initiate workflows to address SaaS user access, privileged access violations, Cloud IAM misconfigurations, and Data Lake Security. Veza generates a complete picture across your environment of what users have access to, including Amazon S3 buckets, Snowflake tables, Salesforce records, and much more.

Watch a demo and see how Veza can help:

  • Monitor Access to Snowflake Tables
  • Stop privileged access violations
  • Understand what users have access to what data.
  • Identify misconfiguration scenarios with proactive monitoring.
  • Prevent SOX and other compliance violations