Veza for SaaS Apps

Do you know who has access to your SaaS data?

Tired of not knowing who can access your SaaS data? Tired of not knowing who can perform what actions on your SaaS apps?

With your mission critical data spread across multiple SaaS vendors, do you worry about over-permissioned access, failed audits, manual compliance certifications, and privileged access drift?

With the typical company employing more than a 100 SaaS applications (think Salesforce, JIRA, Coupa, Netsuite, GitHub, Gitlab, Slack, Bitbucket, and more), your business critical data lives in more places than ever before. Are you playing catch-up, with time-consuming access reviews that never deliver the full picture? Now there is a solution to find AND fix all the “bad perms” creating least privilege risk across all of your SaaS applications.

Take Back Control with Veza for securing access to SaaS applications

Introducing Veza for SaaS Apps, the solution that delivers the actionable insights you need to realize the promise of least privilege. Take control of your identity governance and administration (IGA), SaaS Access Security, and Privileged Access for all of your SaaS applications to manage and shrink your identity attack surface.

Ensure that the folks who need access to your critical customer data have the access they need without exposing that data inadvertently to people who don’t need it.

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