5 Best Practices for Securing Data in a Multi-Cloud Environment

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It's time for a new approach to data security - one that is built on the power of authorization. Today’s enterprise needs centralized visibility and control over data, the backbone of multi-cloud systems. To secure those systems you need to answer a fundamental question: Who can, and should, take what action on what data? Veza answers that core question by prioritizing the truest form of identity - authorization. Read on to learn how Veza empowers organizations to implement 5 best practices for securing data in today’s multi-cloud world.

Data is any organization's most important asset - the amount of data created in today's cloud-first world and the need to secure that data is undeniable. Understanding who has access, who can alter and who can take action on data – is critical. Gone are the days when an organization simply places data access control on file systems - securing data across all your tools, on-prem or cloud, for users inside and outside the organization, is the only way to keep data secure at scale.
Mike Sherwood | Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas

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