Veza is the data security platform built on the power of authorization. Our platform is purpose-built for multi-cloud environments to help you use and share your data more safely. Veza makes it easy to dynamically visualize, understand and control who can and should take what action on what data.

We organize authorization metadata across identity providers, cloud identity and access management, data systems, cloud services, and applications — all to address the toughest data security challenges of the modern era.

Our customers deploy Veza in a number of ways to solve the toughest data security challenges. Read on to learn how you can utilize Veza at your organization.

Veza is the only tool I’ve seen that can show you both parts of the picture. One part is the people or accounts who are supposed to have access as part of a security group. And then there’s the flip side where you look at it from the data end and say, this is who also has access, and this is how that access was granted. It’s the clearest view I’ve ever seen.
Steven Guy | Vice President of Security Solutions, InComm

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