Veza is the data security platform built on the power of authorization. Our platform empowers organizations to understand and control who can and should take what action on what data. Our Authorization Metadata Graph integrates with cloud identity providers, cloud IAM, cloud services, apps, and data systems to discover system-specific authorization metadata, translating the complexity into a simple language of effective permissions, delivered through a SaaS-based control plane. Veza delivers actionable insights into least privilege risk, remediating over-permissioned accounts, correcting cloud IAM misconfigurations, addressing privilege access and drift, managing access certifications, and more.

Authorization is a fundamental security requirement for any company creating value from data. It’s time for a modern approach that allows companies to see beyond authentication and master the complexities inherent to authorization. Veza takes the intricate problem of aligning identities to data to truly understand who has access to what and simplifies it in a way that's easy to consume for any organization, no matter its size. I am very excited to see what is ahead for Veza as they help companies tackle the toughest data security challenges of the multi-cloud world.
Craig Rosen | CISO, ASAPP

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