The coordination of access certifications between teams is complex and error-prone, especially when there is a lack of context into roles, policies, and associated permissions across all your cloud services. Veza simplifies user access and entitlement review processes using clear business language for auditors to approve, reject and certify access to enterprise apps and cloud data resources, all in a single control plane. With Veza, you set in motion a repeatable process that ensures accurate and reliable access certifications for strong enterprise data governance.

Read on to learn how Veza's Access Review Workflows product helps to streamline your data governance needs.

We needed to understand how users and service accounts have been entitled to specific data. Veza is the only tool I’ve seen that can show you both parts of the picture. One part is the people or accounts who are supposed to have access as part of a security group. And then there’s the flip side where you look at it from the data end and say, this is who also has access, and this is how that access was granted. It’s the clearest view I’ve ever seen for data access.
Steven Guy | Vice President, Security Solutions, InComm Payments

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