Lifecycle Management

Automatically grant and revoke access when a user joins, changes roles, or leaves. Only Veza can dry-run your changes to prevent access mistakes and policy violations before they happen.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid Employee Onboarding: Automatically grant new users the access they need for their business roles.

  • Reduced Manual Workload: Provision and deprovision user account entitlements automatically, without tedious manual assignment of access.

  • Enhanced Security: Reduce risk by rapidly and completely removing access when employees leave the organization.

  • Improved Audit Results: Avoid adverse audit findings resulting from inconsistent manual account access provisioning.

Key Features

  • Rules Engine: Establish rules for mapping user attributes and user group assignments.

  • Triggers: Define triggers for provisioning and deprovisioning actions based on your HR workflows.

  • Access Profiles: Build sets of entitlements, grouped together for easy reference and management.

  • Business Roles: Create business roles and associate them with access profiles that match operational requirements.

  • Auditing: Maintain a detailed audit trail of provisioning and deprovisioning actions, as well as any modifications to policies.

  • Dry Run Testing: Simulate rule changes before deploying them to production environments.

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