Deep integrations to secure data across the enterprise

Our customers use Veza to

Implement data lake security

Snowflake, GCP BigQuery, AWS Redshift

Secure Authorization for any App

GitHub, GitLab, JIRA

Modernize Privileged Access for Data

SQL Server, AWS S3, SharePoint

Streamline Access Governance

Snowflake, SharePoint, GitHub

Featured Integrations

Infinite Integrations

Veza data security platform

  • Discover all users, groups and service accounts

  • Visualize roles and permission sets for any identity

Azure AD
Active Directory
Custom SAML
  • Understand hierarchical layers of IAM controls (users to roles and policies) that enable access to cloud data resources

  • Understand authorization relationships for federated users across Cloud IAM entities, cloud services, and cloud resources

Azure IAM

Bring custom apps and resources into Veza's platform to understand and control authorization relationships

Open Authorization API
  • Discover application-specific authorization structures (roles/groups/permissions) and relationships

  • Track permissions across code repositories, cloud storage, infrastructure, and more

Open Policy Agent
  • Automatically discover system-specific authorization metadata

  • Parse and collect resource detail across granular data sets - tables, columns, libraries, code repositories, drives etc.

  • Visualize authorization relationships for granular data sets

Amazon EMR
Amazon S3
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon EC2
Amazon Redshift
Google Cloud Storage
Google BigQuery
Riaz Lakhani, VP, Information Security & Compliance, Barracuda Networks
We wanted to make sure that we had a solution that was very comprehensive and extended beyond just core systems that are very popular that most companies use. There are many solutions out there that can help with that but we wanted to make sure that we had a solution that was comprehensive and factored in different, homegrown systems that we leverage. And that was a key factor in choosing Veza.
Riaz Lakhani • CISO, Barracuda Networks
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ATN International logo
As we provide a single platform across our different operating companies and markets, it’s critical to know that our sensitive customer and business information is secure, not just internally across those different markets, but also externally for the customer-facing applications we support.
Kevin Fournier • VP Data, Analytics and Integration, ATN International
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Matt Paull, Managing Director, Technology Management, Best Western
With Veza, we have end-to-end visibility over our cloud data access footprint; we’re able to quickly identify excess RBAC control and manage privileged access - and that gives us the confidence to adopt new cloud technologies and migrate from on-prem to cloud at lightning speed.
Matt Paull • Managing Director, Technology Management, Best Western

Veza’s Open Authorization API for any app

Veza's open and extensible framework enables customers and partners to integrate any data system, service, or application through our Open Authorization API (OAA).

Secure Authorization for Any App - Authorization metadata diagram

Check out Github’s OAA Community to discover how to build and use OAA integrations, learn about suggested developer tools, and download integrations like GitHub, GitLab, Zendesk, JIRA, and more.

Automate response to data security risks

Veza provides valuable assessments and insights into authorization-based access. Integrate with your existing IT solutions to allow for data, IT, IAM, and security teams to operationalize insights into well-defined business processes and workflows.

Outbound integrations

Enhance visibility and response to data access risks through alerts, assessments and insights.


Automate actions in enterprise apps (e.g. create a ticket in ServiceNow) as data access requests in Veza are reviewed, approved, granted, and processed.


Get actionable data for business processes associated with security assurance, security engineering, identity lifecycle management, and more.


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