Getting Started with Veza


Configure Veza to Discover Enterprise Resources

  • Connect your identity providers (Okta, Azure AD, Google Workspace)
  • Connect your cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Connect any app, app data system, any service, including custom apps via Veza's Open Authorization API (OAA)

Visualize Your Entity Catalog

  • Veza builds a catalog of all your entities across identity providers cloud providers, apps, and data systems
  • Utilize Tags from cloud providers (AWS tags, GCP labels, etc) or Veza-specific to identify sensitive cloud data assets

Search and Query for Who Can Access What

  • Utilize Veza's Authorization Metadata Graph to search for who can take action on what data
  • Apply powerful graph visualization constraints to quickly filter search results to match your business needs

Get Insights and Create Access Workflows

  • View time-series based assessments across identity analysis, privilege access, data access, and more
  • Create custom reports to capture data access trends and anomalies for your organization
  • Native access review workflows for user access reviews, privileged access reviews, entitlement management, role management, identity lifecycle, and more

Operationalize for Enterprise

  • Get notifications in other enterprise apps such as JIRA, Slack, Teams, ServiceNow, Teams and more
  • Streamline workflows for User Access Reviews, Privileged Access Reviews, and Entitlement Reviews for any identity, any authorization framework, any resource
  • Remediate access anomalies through Recipes, which provide step-by-step best practice guidance for key enterprise solutions

Ready to learn more about Veza’s data security platform?