Core Authorization Platform

Any data security use case for any app, data system, or cloud service

Identity, cloud IAM, apps, and data systems - we have you covered. Our data security platform enables you to tackle the toughest projects head-on - data governance, data access management, cloud entitlements, privileged access, and much more. Connect your systems and let Veza do the rest of the work.

How Veza works

Complete visibility and control into who has access to what

Veza’s agentless solution integrates with your key enterprise resources and translates highly complex system-specific authorization structures (rows, groups, policies, permissions) into a common language of effective permissions to address data security use cases.


An real-time search interface to identify authorization metadata for any entity (e.g. Okta users and groups, AWS IAM policies or roles) and its full set of effective permissions to apps and data objects (e.g. Snowflake tables, SharePoint libraries, SQL Server tables, HashiCorp Vault and more).

Query Builder

A query interface that enables complex filtering and sorting to handle the largest data sets, allowing you to identify entities (humans, services, groups, roles, etc.) and privileged actions that can be performed on any resource.

Instant answers to the toughest data access questions

Understanding the scope of data access across your enterprise is tough, especially when you have a combination of cloud and on-prem data stores all accessed by different identities. Veza gives you insights into least privilege, cloud entitlements, cloud misconfigurations, data access governance and more.


Out-of-box assessments that address privacy and compliance needs tied to identity analysis, AWS IAM Role modeling, Azure AD Role governance, GCP and AWS Cloud IAM misconfigurations, audit reviews, compliance reviews, and least privilege reviews.


Surface anomalous activity across all your systems, and receive alerts when meaningful changes in authorization structures (roles, groups, IAM roles, IAM policies, etc.) are detected. Violations are entirely extensible, enabling you to utilize best practices defined in Veza or develop and monitor your own to match your business needs.

Manage authorization for custom resources with our Open Authorization API

You don’t need to be all-in on the cloud to utilize the power of Veza. If you have a custom on-prem or homegrown app - for example, a customer service or support app that holds sensitive data, our Open Authorization API (OAA) enables a BYO-app model to ensure you have authorization covered across all enterprise resources.

Manage data security risk through remediation

Managing least privilege is foundational in preventing attacks from insider threats, ransomware, and cybercrime. Veza is here to ensure access to your data is always limited to an authorized set of users and services, across any resource.


Enable active alerting and monitoring of authorization changes in your environment through rules that trigger alerts to enterprise IT systems.


Actionable steps presented via system-specfic instructions to maintain policy compliance and fix violations that breach best practices across data access, privileged access, access governance and more. Recipes also provide details about the side effects of proposed solutions that help determine what constitutes a successful change.

More features to keep your data secure


A visual representation of access permissions, giving security teams insight into the attack surface for any resource.

Entity Catalog

A catalog of all discovered resources (apps, data systems, accounts) and associated attributes.


Enable security and data teams to add key-value pair attributes to any discovered entity. Using Tags, teams can assign, clarify search for sensitive resources and associate those to identities and service accounts.

Jenner Holden, CISO, Axon
Axon Logo
Using Veza, our security teams have gained valuable visibility across our systems - apps, infrastructure, and data, to better understand who can access what, helping drive stronger privileged access security practices.
Jenner Holden | CISO, Axon
Dave Farrow, VP, Information Security, Barracuda Networks
Stitching together identities with data sources and showing the connections between them in a way that’s easy to consume — it's a simple idea, but a complex problem to solve. Veza makes the process of understanding who has access to what really, really easy.
Dave Farrow | VP, Information Security, Barracuda Networks
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Sean Todd, CISO, PayNearMe
Using Veza allows me to sleep better at night because I know that there's an automated tool watching our systems. Even if an infrastructure change is made to support a release, I know that we'll be getting alerts, allowing us to tighten up security as we grow our business.
Sean Todd | CISO, PayNearMe
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ATN International logo
As we provide a single platform across our different operating companies and markets, it’s critical to know that our sensitive customer and business information is secure, not just internally across those different markets, but also externally for the customer-facing applications we support.
Kevin Fournier | VP Data, Analytics and Integration, ATN International
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Veza APIs

Extend the power of Veza's authorization insights by sending notifications to key enterprise apps

Bring your own app or resource with Veza’s Open Authorization API (OAA)

If a critical business system in your organization is not yet cloud-ready or doesn’t yet integrate directly with Veza, bring in new apps through OAA, giving you an even more comprehensive answer to who can and should take what action on what data.

Core Authorization Platform - Authorization Metadata diagram

Connect Veza with your enterprise stack

Ensure your teams are notified when authorization changes occur. Utilize Webhooks to enable business processes such as updating an issue tracker in JIRA, creating a service desk ticket through ServiceNow, or sending Slack notifications to your SecOps team.

Get started with a demo

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