Access Visibility

Visualize and control who has access to data across all enterprise systems. Only Veza analyzes permissions to resources for all identities (human or machine), helping security teams reduce risk before and after attacks.

Key Benefits

  • Least privilege: Visualize and control effective permissions for all identities in all systems (apps, on-premise, cloud services, data systems). Discover and remediate unneeded privileged accounts and unused access.

  • Continuous compliance: Build queries and alerts to automatically scan for access that violates policies required for frameworks like SOX, SOC 2, NIST, and GDPR.

  • Threat investigation: Quickly assess the detailed access of compromised identities to prioritize incident response.

Key Features

  • Access Search: Visualize the current effective permissions for all identities (human and service accounts) in all systems, in near real-time regardless of search. The scope of the scale includes apps, data warehouses, and cloud services like AWS IAM, GCP IAM, and Azure RBAC.

  • Query Builder: Build rich queries with filtering, sorting, and complex operands that span multiple systems. Leverage tags to search access to sensitive data types.

  • Risk Visualization: Automatically identify and prioritize risky permissions with heatmaps.

  • Time Travel: Use historical views of the Authorization Graph to surface permissions changes that should be reviewed, recertified, or revoked.

  • API Queries: Create and run queries using Veza’s RESTful APIs and use the results to enrich data in your existing tools, workflows, and solutions.

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