Access Review Workflows

Drive strong enterprise access governance

The coordination of access and entitlement reviews between teams is complex and error-prone, especially when there is a lack of context into roles, policies and permissions across all your cloud services. Veza simplifies user access and entitlement review processes through authorization-based context, delivered as a shared interface for auditors, security, and data teams to approve, reject and certify access.

Access Review Workflows at a Glance

Enterprise data access explained through authorization

Managing access for users and their permissions and entitlements spread across multiple systems can quickly become a daunting task. As a result, it can be difficult to keep up with who can take what action, on what data. By correlating identities with their associated permissions to resources in an authorization graph Veza eliminates the need for manual data collection from siloed systems and helps to modernize access governance for multi-cloud environments.

Review effective permissions

See and manage CRUD for any data store/cloud resource - Snowflake tables and columns, SharePoint sites and libraries, GitHub repos, SQL databases and tables, and more.

Access and entitlement reviews

Create access (user-oriented) or entitlement (resource-oriented) reviews and apply constraints and filters to scope the review using attributes like user type, compliance identifier, or other searchable properties across your multi-cloud ecosystem.

Share access workflow reviews across owners

Assign access workflows to appropriate managers, data owners, auditors, and other operators. For example, use the manager's attribute in Okta to select who should make decisions in an access review.

Faster decision making enabled by authorization graph

It's essential to understand how permissions are given before approving or rejecting access. Veza's Authorization Graph allows you to visualize how permissions are obtained across identity providers, to apps, cloud resources, and data systems. Reviewers can utilize point-in-time snapshots that enable data access governance programs to run beyond a point-in-time view into entitlements.

Built for enterprise

Streamline compliance efforts by empowering operators, auditors, compliance officers, and GRC teams to manage entitlements in a federated control plane and demonstrate due diligence through reports to auditors in a timely fashion.

Integrate with enterprise apps

Utilize webhooks to send notifications to downstream applications when an access or entitlement review has been approved or rejected. For example, create a service desk issue in ServiceNow on "reject" events.

Delegate the creation of workflows and certifications across teams

Assign roles to delegate the creation of workflows and certification to managers, operators, and auditors, avoiding granting excess permissions.

50+ integrations

Access Review Workflows for any resource

User Access Reviews

Role management, user access to resources, certifications and re-certifications

Privileged Access Reviews

Admin access and actions, temporal views, privilege drift

Cloud Entitlement Reviews

Resource entitlements, entitlement management, fine-grained entitlements for cloud resources

Enterprise Integrations

Access reviews for enterprise apps, data and cloud services; and notifications to ServiceNow, Slack, Teams and more

Chris Harris, Platform Engineering Manager, Choice Hotels
Using Veza, It's been like a breath of fresh air for years. You try to get your head around how to manage permissions across all your environments. And now that we're in the cloud, it makes it even easier by using Veza.
Chris Harris | Platform Engineering Manager, Choice Hotels
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Riaz Lakhani, VP, Information Security & Compliance, Barracuda Networks
Once you have a strong front door on an application, the next question becomes where can they go once they're inside the building? That's where the authorization problem became very apparent to us, and that's what drew us to looking at Veza.
Riaz Lakhani | CISO, Barracuda Networks
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Matt Dodge, Director of DevOps and IT, LoanSnap
Veza enables us to visualize and control the privileges of our employees and service accounts across multiple cloud service providers in a simplified, unified view. Bringing disparate authorization systems into a single tool is a game-changer from an audit and compliance perspective.
Matt Dodge | Director of DevOps and IT, LoanSnap

Access Review Workflows delivered as APIs

DevOps and CloudOps teams heavily rely on APIs for efficiency. Veza provides APIs for teams to complete access requests, access certification and re-certification, and re-assessment requirements. API workflows include - list workflows, list certifications, list access certification results, and more.

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