The authorization platform for data security

Business challenges

Evolving cybersecurity risks

Loss of customer trust

Failed audit and compliance

Exposure to ransomware

The Customer Need

To modernize and converge access reviews, cloud entitlements, privileged access for multi-cloud

As a data engineer

I want to understand which Okta users can read/write sensitive customer tables in Snowflake?

As a DevOps engineer

I want to understand which Looker accounts can update and delete data in Snowflake?

As a privacy and audit manager

I want to understand which Azure AD users can read/write/delete sensitive SharePoint folders?

Introducing Veza

The authorization platform for data

We empower organizations to understand, manage and control authorization relationships for any enterprise identity, to any enterprise resource.

Matt Paull, Managing Director, Technology Management, Best Western
With Veza, we have end-to-end visibility over our cloud data access footprint; we’re able to quickly identify excess RBAC control and manage privileged access - and that gives us the confidence to adopt new cloud technologies and migrate from on-prem to cloud at lightning speed.
Matt Paull | Managing Director, Technology Management, Best Western
Riaz Lakhani, VP, Information Security & Compliance, Barracuda Networks
Once you have a strong front door on an application, the next question becomes where can they go once they're inside the building? That's where the authorization problem became very apparent to us, and that's what drew us to looking at Veza.
Riaz Lakhani | CISO, Barracuda Networks
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Nick Padron, Director of Information Security, Fairfield Residential
Veza deeply understands our environment and automatically provides recommendations on how to remediate over-permissioned accounts. I simply haven’t seen another product that does this.
Nick Padron | Director of Information Security, Fairfield Residential
Jenner Holden, CISO, Axon
Axon Logo
Using Veza, our security teams have gained valuable visibility across our systems - apps, infrastructure, and data, to better understand who can access what, helping drive stronger privileged access security practices.
Jenner Holden | CISO, Axon

Veza’s Authorization Metadata Graph

Authorization greatly varies across identity providers, Cloud IAM, apps, and data systems. Veza’s Authorization Metadata Graph organizes all authorization metadata and visualizes identity-to-data relationships across key enterprise systems in an easy-to-understand language of effective permissions (CRUD), delivered via a single control panel.

Search and Discover

A unified and consistent visualization of “who can and should take what action on what data.”

Compare and Correct

Remediate identity and data access anomalies to meet business needs for least privilege.

Define and Control

Manage a consistent state of “who can and should take what action on what data," across all enterprise resources

Extensible Integrations

Expand your Veza footprint in just a few clicks. Veza supports integrations with leading identity providers, cloud providers, apps, and data systems.

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