The authorization platform for data

Business challenges

Evolving cybersecurity risks

Loss of customer trust

Failed Audit and Compliance icon

Failed audit and compliance

Exposure to ransomware

Identity-first approach

Identity, authorization, and data are foundational

veza data security platform diagram

The Customer Need

To modernize and converge access reviews, cloud entitlements, privileged access for multi-cloud

As a data engineer

I want to understand which Okta users can read/write sensitive customer tables in Snowflake?

As a DevOps engineer

I want to understand which Looker accounts can update and delete data in Snowflake?

As a privacy and audit manager

I want to understand which Azure AD users can read/write/delete sensitive SharePoint folders?

Introducing Veza

The authorization platform for data.

We empower organizations to understand, manage and control authorization relationships for any enterprise identity, to any enterprise resource.

Veza Cloud Data Authorization Platform Overview chart