Craig Rosen, Chief Security and Trust Officer, ASAPP
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Veza takes the intricate problem of aligning identities to data to truly understand who has access to what and simplifies it in a way that's easy to consume for any organization, no matter its size.
Craig Rosen • Chief Security & Trust Officer, ASAPP
David Tyburski, CISO, Wynn Resorts
Veza is looking forward for us. It allows us to understand who, what, where, when, and why. If you can do that, you have the ability to secure any environment. And when you're talking about a global organization, that's what you need.
David Tyburski • CISO, Wynn Resorts
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Ash Hassan, Chief Enterprise Architect, AMD
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To support AMD's growth and resulting scale with no compromise to security, the right people need to have the right level of access to the right data at the right time. Veza enables AMD to identify, detect, and respond to privileged access in our complex landscape by providing visibility and insight into anomalies that violate our security policy.
Ash Hassan • Chief Enterprise Architect, AMD
Steven Guy, VP, Security Solutions, InComm Payments
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We needed to understand how users and service accounts have been entitled to specific data. Veza gives us the clearest view I’ve ever seen for data access.
Steven Guy • VP, Security Solutions, InComm Payments
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Jenner Holden, CISO, Axon
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Using Veza, our security teams have gained valuable visibility across our systems - apps, infrastructure, and data, to better understand who can access what, helping drive stronger privileged access security practices.
Jenner Holden • CISO, Axon

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Bluecore, New York City, NY

We empower organizations to understand and control who can and should take what action on what data.

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Veza gives us both broader and deeper visibility into who has access to our data, and how they have access to that data, so we can trust and verify that personnel only have the access they need.
Puneet Bhatnagar • Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity, Blackstone
Ben Doyle, CIO, ATN International
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Veza saves us an enormous amount of time, and it helps us achieve the strongest compliance posture possible. From a cybersecurity standpoint, that’s very important to our business.
Ben Doyle • CIO, ATN International
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As a cloud-first organization, we needed one solution that could help us with visibility and automation across all of our cloud systems. With Veza, we enhance our cloud systems through automation of security operations use cases, alerting, and real-time visibility into who has access to what data.
Brent Lassi • CISO, Bluecore
Dave Farrow, VP, Information Security, Barracuda Networks
Stitching together identities with data sources and showing the connections between them in a way that’s easy to consume — it's a simple idea, but a complex problem to solve. Veza makes the process of understanding who has access to what really, really easy.
Dave Farrow • VP, Information Security, Barracuda Networks
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Jason Simpson - Vice President of Engineering, Choice Hotels
If you're using a cloud of any size, there's probably plenty of things that you've done in the past that didn't have the right governance around them. And being able to go back, see that, fix it, and then put governance on top of it to ensure that it doesn't sprawl again - that's one of the things that we just love about Veza.
Jason Simpson • Vice President of Engineering, Choice Hotels
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Sean Todd, CISO, PayNearMe
Using Veza allows me to sleep better at night because I know that there's an automated tool watching our systems. Even if an infrastructure change is made to support a release, I know that we'll be getting alerts, allowing us to tighten up security as we grow our business.
Sean Todd • CISO, PayNearMe
Matt Paull, Managing Director, Technology Management, Best Western
With Veza, we have end-to-end visibility over our cloud data access footprint; we’re able to quickly identify excess RBAC control and manage privileged access - and that gives us the confidence to adopt new cloud technologies and migrate from on-prem to cloud at lightning speed.
Matt Paull • Managing Director, Technology Management, Best Western
Riaz Lakhani, VP, Information Security & Compliance, Barracuda Networks
Once you have a strong front door on an application, the next question becomes where can they go once they're inside the building? That's where the authorization problem became very apparent to us, and that's what drew us to looking at Veza.
Riaz Lakhani • CISO, Barracuda Networks
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Veza gives us instant visibility into who has access to what data across all our cloud systems, providing a level of platform-agnostic, multi-cloud privilege visibility I hadn't seen before. It's truly playing a key role in our ongoing migration to the cloud.
John Forrister • VP, Information Security, TGen
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Having an integrated view with Veza means that we can see the whole security schema at once, helping us understand where there are gaps. If a user suddenly doesn’t have access to Tableau, we can see why without having to spend all day tracking it down.
Kevin Fournier • VP Data, Analytics, and Integration, ATN International
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David Tyburski, CISO at Wynn Resorts

Veza enables us to visualize and control the privileges of our employees and service accounts across multiple cloud service providers in a simplified, unified view. Bringing disparate authorization systems into a single tool is a game-changer from an audit and compliance perspective.
Matt Dodge • Director of DevOps and IT, LoanSnap
Using Veza, It's been like a breath of fresh air for years. You try to get your head around how to manage permissions across all your environments. And now that we're in the cloud, it makes it even easier by using Veza.
Chris Harris • Platform Engineering Manager, Choice Hotels
With Veza, we’re able to see exactly which partners have access to specific files and folders, giving us the confidence to collaborate and deliver the best customer experience.
Nick Padron • Director of Information Security, Fairfield Residential
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Data is any organization's most important asset - the amount of data created in today's cloud-first world and the need to secure that data is undeniable. From our experience, Veza is a platform that enables and provides the services we need to secure our digital assets.
Mike Sherwood • Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas
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You need a way to understand - who has delete access? Who has write access? Who has global admin privileges? Do they all really need it? If we have sixteen different Snowflake admins, something’s wrong.
Kevin Fournier • VP Data, Analytics and Integration, ATN International
One of the tangible benefits for using Veza was allowing us to secure our quarterly audits, identifying the data assets and their relative data access. What once had taken weeks we were able to do with Veza in minutes.
Scott "Ziggy" Brode • Data Security Engineer, PayNearMe

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