Viva Las Veza! | BlackHat USA 2022 | August 10th executive dinner at Lupo Mandalay Bay

August 10, 2022 at 7:00pm PDT
Lupo Mandalay Bay

Event Overview

  • Join us for an executive dinner at Lupo Mandalay Bay on Wednesday, August 10th at 7pm
  • Meet Veza during BlackHat week at booth 2371

BlackHat USA 2022 | Veza hosted dinner at Lupo Mandalay Bay

Blackhat Lupo @ Mandalay Bay
BlackHat USA 2022 | Veza at Lupo Mandalay Bay

The evening lives on! Reflect on the week during our executive dinner at Lupo in Mandalay Bay, immediately after our happy hour at Eyecandy. You'll meet Veza's leadership team, customers, and of course, receive all-new, Viva Las Veza swag.

Veza is at BlackHat all week - don't forget to stop by booth 2371 to learn more about the world of data security and how Veza helps address use cases like access certifications for data, cloud entitlements, privileged access to data, and much more. We look forward to meeting you!