On-Demand Webinar - Meet Veza - Bringing the Trust Back to Zero Trust


Event Overview

  • An introduction to Veza, the data security platform built on the power of authorization.
  • Learn about how authorization plays a critical part in accelerating your Zero Trust journey through securing what matters the most - your data.
Bringing the Trust Back to Zero Trust

Doing business today requires trusting people to use and share your data in the cloud. But doing so is riskier and harder than ever.

Listen in on our on-demand webinar to hear Veza’s CEO & Co-Founder, Tarun Thakur, Teju Shyamsundar, Head of Product Marketing at Veza, Rich Dandliker, Chief Strategist at Veza, AK Khan, Head of Sales Engineering at Veza, Dave Farrow, Barracuda’s VP of Information Security and Riaz Lakahani, VP of Compliance, Risk & Security discuss:

  • How unstructured cloud data has created the need for the next phase of data security

  • Why identities and access to data can be really hard to stitch together for security and compliance teams

  • How Veza’s Authorization Graph provides complete visibility of permissions across Barracuda’s application portfolio

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AK Khan

Head of Sales Engineering

Rich Dandliker

Chief Strategist

Tarun Thakur

CEO & Co-Founder

Teju Shyamsundar

Head of Product Marketing

Dave Farrow

VP, Information Security, Barracuda Networks

Riaz Lakhani

VP, Information Security & Compliance