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Learn more about Veza, the data security platform built on the power of authorization

Craig Rosen, Chief Security and Trust Officer, ASAPP
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Authorization is a fundamental security requirement for any company creating value from data. It’s time for a modern approach that allows companies to see beyond authentication and master the complexities inherent to authorization in a multi-cloud world. Veza takes the intricate problem of aligning identities to data to truly understand who has access to what and simplifies it in a way that's easy to consume for any organization, no matter its size.
Craig Rosen • Chief Security and Trust Officer, ASAPP
Stephen Cihak, Senior Director, Cloud Platform & Site Reliability, Choice Hotels
Our current user management is federated across multiple systems, and that makes it very tricky for us to manage and understand who has access to what. Looking at a system like Veza allowed us to really understand that in a very simple and easy way. And honestly, the first time we plugged it in, we knew we needed to get this product.
Stephen Cihak • Senior Director, Cloud Platform & Site Reliability, Choice Hotels
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Nick Padron, Director of Information Security, Fairfield Residential
“Veza takes the complexity out of adopting cloud apps and data systems. With our move to the cloud, we were looking for a way to securely collaborate with property managers and share documents through our document management system. With Veza, we’re able to see exactly which partners have access to specific files and folders, giving us the confidence to collaborate and deliver the best customer experience.”
Nick Padron • Director of Information Security

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