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Meet our Founders

(left to right) Tarun Thakur, CEO; Maohua Lu, CTO; Rob Whitcher, Chief Architect

Our vision is for organizations to have the power to use and share their data safely

Veza is the data security platform powered by authorization. Our platform is purpose-built for multi-cloud environments to help you use and share your data more safely. Veza makes it easy to dynamically understand, manage, and control who can and should take what action on what data. We organize metadata across identity providers, data systems, cloud service providers, and applications - all to address the toughest data security challenges of the multi-cloud era.

Our founding story

In early 2020, Tarun, Maohua, and Rob saw an evolutionary event coming in tech: The world’s data was rapidly, irreversibly transitioning to the cloud. They called dozens of senior tech leaders and asked each one the same question: What is your biggest worry related to the data moving to the cloud? CIOs, CISOs and CDOs shared with them: “I don’t understand who has access to our most sensitive data.” It was shocking to them that no one in the industry has addressed this problem. They knew they had discovered a critical missing piece in data security: authorization. That insight led to the company vision: to build a data security platform that is powered by authorization metadata — all to address the toughest data security challenges.

We give our customers the confidence to securely adopt cloud data systems