Employee Spotlight: Bobby Jackson, Regional Sales Director

I love getting to know people. Their “why”, their backgrounds, interests & hobbies, what makes them tick, interesting facts; you get my point! 😉

And with each company I’ve been a part of I’ve helped launch an Employee Spotlight where I can share, figuratively and literally, this interest of mine with others.

Ultimately this helps build connective tissue, relationships, and shared interests, which begets a healthy and vibrant work culture. This is particularly important when you work in a remote, WFH organization.

So kicking off our Employee Spotlight Series at Veza, is Bobby Jackson, Sales Director.

Interestingly enough, I caught up with Bobby, to get to know him better, on his 1 year anniversary with us. Congrats! 🥳

One thing that is clear about Bobby is his passion for building. Clearly an entrepreneur, he thrives in a startup environment where he’ll do whatever it takes to make the business successful.

But what I loved learning the most was that Bobby shared with me a bit about coming from humble beginnings and how that shaped him professionally to persevere, put in the hard work, and have a positive mindset.

Enjoy getting to know him further, through some round-robin Q&A below!

3 words that describe you:

  • Passionate
  • Tough
  • Kind-Hearted

What is a fun or interesting fact about yourself?

  • I’m a shoe collector. Specifically Nike Dunks. I have over 30 pairs.

Last book you read, or podcast you listened to?

  • Joe Rogan
  • Frank Slootman - Amp it up

Outside of work? Passions, hobbies, interests?

  • Ashley & Conor
  • Spending time with my Green Egg. My go-to's are brisket, pork butt, and ribs.
  • Sports
  • Dallas Cowboys

Morning and-or evening routine?

  • Gym - Morning
  • Running Kids around - Evening

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

  • Invest
  • Donate to a charity. Specifically the Hope Women's Center or any group that helps eliminate domestic violence against women.

Briefly describe your career prior to Veza

  • I worked for what many would consider the Best of the Best Sales Organizations in Rubrik and EMC.

What does a typical day look like for you?

  • Sales Meetings
  • Event Planning
  • Talking Deals
  • Hustling

What do you enjoy most about your role?

  • Building - there is nothing better.

What is the key to achieving success in your role?

  • Constant activity
  • Recruiting
  • Doing whatever it takes

What advice would you give to your younger self, from a personal and-or professional perspective?

  • Passion is good - but compassion is better!
  • Invest early and often!

What’s different about Veza’s culture versus other companies you’ve worked at?

  • We have a massive opportunity in front of us. Culturally, there is a lot of excitement around that, but it means we have to carve our own path and deal with uncertainty.

Had fun getting to know Bobby and are fired up to work alongside someone like him? Good news! We are hiring! 🚀

Check out more about Veza and our openings 👇

Until next time!

Josh Ashton

Head of People Operations